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Heterochromatin, What is Heterochromatin,

Heterochromatin: Definition, Types, & Examples

Table of Contents Heterochromatin Definition Heterochromatin is the densely packed region of chromatin that impairs the transcription of that particular section of DNA. Euchromatin unlike heterochromatin is lightly packed and genes that are actively transcribed are located in this region. Chromatin comprises DNA and proteins that bind DNA and stabilize

Meiosis, What is Meiosis, Meiosis Phases, Meiosis Stages,Meiosis, What is Meiosis, Meiosis Phases, Meiosis Stages,

Meiosis: Definition, Stages, and Examples

Table of Contents Meiosis Definition Meiosis is defined as the process of cell division that results in the formation of a haploid “daughter” cell with the same haploid chromosomal number as the diploid “parent” (“original”) cell. After meiosis, the haploid cell would have just one portion of the parent cell’s