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Myocardium, Myocardium Function, Myocardium Definition, What is Myocardium,

Myocardium: Definition, Function, and Examples

Table of Contents Myocardium Definition The myocardium is the muscular layer of the heart. It consists of cardiac muscle cells (cardiac myocytes [also known as cardiac rhabdomyocytes] or cardiomyocytes) arranged in overlapping spiral patterns. What is Myocardium? It is the heart’s muscular middle layer, wedged between the epicardium and the

Stimulus, Stimulus Definition, Stimulus Types, What is Stimulus, Stimulus Examples,

Stimulus: Definition, Types, and Examples

Table of Contents What is Stimulus? Our sensitivity to temperature allows us to recognise hot or cold situations. Sweating (perspiration) begins in our bodies when the temperature is too high. Similarly, in a cold environment, our bodies’ small hairs stand up. Piloerection is the term for this occurrence. As a