About ResearchTweet

It’s a cyber world, and we are living in a virtual job library full of hoaxers, broken links, endless ads, repetitive postings, obsolete jobs and it’s often hiding potential job opportunities. Are you feeling trapped? ruining your treasured time? ResearchTweet‘s mission is to help people get potential jobs and at the same time make job search experience easier, faster, amusing, less- time consuming and safer.

Are you PhD? looking for good career option in Academic University (Faculty Position, Postdoctoral Fellowships) or Industry (Research Scientist or Senior Research Scientist)? Completed your Masters program? considering PhD and looking for fully funded PhD position in USA, or Europe or Asia? Or looking for funded summer training/internship or short funded project position to boost your research experience? ResearchTweet is fantastic resource and with our huge open access hub, we help you to find research related jobs at all levels of their career.

With our symmetric, targeted and vast network around the world we help you to shrink the distance and get closer to the research jobs that interest you the most.

ResearchTweet acts as a Catalyst on enzyme kinetics platform (Research Job Search). It lowers activation energy (easier, faster, focused) of Substrates (YOU) struggling to land into Products (Jobs).