ResearchTweet Privacy Policy:

By browsing and using ResearchTweet you are agreeing to comply following terms and conditions of use and privacy policy. Privacy policy describes how we collect your personal information while your use, of ResearchTweet, use, secure, as well as your choices regarding use, access, disclose, and correction of your personal information We urge you to read these terms or any section of interest to you. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to ensure that the information you submit to us remains private and store securely. We are committed to protect the privacy of its users along with safe and secure user experience. We will not reveal, sell, give, etc., any personal data we collect about you to any third party without your express permission until asked for government of the country for national interest/ national security/ in the interest of national law and/ or order. This privacy commitment is subject to, and governed by, the ResearchTweet’ Terms and Conditions of Use, which support the full agreement between the user and ResearchTweet. We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time and for any reason. We will send alert notification about any changes/ modifications/ amendments by flashing the “updated” privacy policy. We encouraged you to please periodically monitor and/or review the privacy policy of ResearchTweet to stay informed of updates.

We collect certain information about users when they use ResearchTweet. If you are looking/ searching research related with ResearchTweet, we don’t not ask user for any kind of registration and/or account creation in order to access full services of ResearchTweet. However, in situation where users ask us to post a ResearchTweet or advertisement on ResearchTweet we get personal information such as name, email and /or contact information when user share ResearchTweet details along with title, location, type, discipline, description, other details, and organization. However, these details shared on ResearchTweet for user, only for the purpose of advertisement. In addition, we also get user personal details such as email, name and /or other contact details whenever users contact ResearchTweet for any feedback/ error situation/ address any erroneous issues/ technical glitch etc. We only collect information about all of our users collectively, such as users’ areas visit, frequency and/ or services that interest users the most. Such data only used collectively but not individually. Such information helps us to improve our services, dataset/ database/ data hub for users so that we provide better experience, more relevant content for you. In some situation, when users subscribe our services by providing more personal details such as name, email address etc. This information we use to deliver more customize and personalize user experience like type of research content that interest user most. In addition, we may use, compile statistical data, analysis for any internal or external use in order to fix technical glitches, troubleshooting problems, improve and/or smooth function/ running and operation of the ResearchTweet. We may also use user’s information to improve users experience on the ResearchTweet. Overall the information we may collect is an effort to deliver users the best possible experience.

We use cookies to help personalize and better online experience for users on ResearchTweet. You may turn off cookies; however, this may limit some features and/or functions on ResearchTweet. You can manage cookies and learn more about them from: We do not disclose, sell, trade, give, rent, or lease your data such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. collected on ResearchTweet to any third party unless otherwise stated or in a situation where we believe disclosure is required under applicable law of country.

For any questions, comments, requests, or complaints about privacy policy or about how we process your data please feel free to e-mail us: