Control: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

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Control Definition

• That which directs, manipulates, manages, regulates, restrains, or causes change on purpose.

• In an experiment, a person or a group in whom the factor being evaluated is not used acts as a standard for comparison to another group in which the factor is used.

• To command; to direct or influence; to limit, prevent, or manipulate.

What is Control?

A Scientific control in a scientific experiment is one in which the dependent variable is not tested on the subject or group. In order to draw inferences from empirical data, an experiment must include a control group.

The purpose of research with control is to ensure that the results are attributable to the experiment’s independent variables.

Controls allow researchers to focus on one variable or element at a time. Apart from the one variable under investigation, it is critical that both the control and other groups are subjected to identical conditions.

As a result, more accurate and trustworthy judgments may be drawn. The use of organisms to regulate the population of another set of organisms is known as biological control.

The word contrarotulare comes from the Latin word contra (“opposite”) + rotula (“roll,” “little wheel”).

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