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Question: How many ATP are generated in the electron transport chain?

Summary of Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain

1). The electron transport chain as indicated by its name “transport means transfer”, is a membrane-embedded protein labelled as complex I-IV.

2). Electron transport chain also known as ETC complexes.

3). Electron transport chain is located on the inner mitochondrial membrane known as cristae.

4). At electron transport chain, series of electrons transferred from complex I to IV via redox reactions (both oxidation and reduction occur simultaneously).

5). During the courses of ETC, protons (H+ ions) transferred across a membrane, from mitochondrial matrix to intermembrane space and thus create protons (H+ ions) gradient.

6). The flow of protons (H+ ions) from intermembrane space to mitochondrial matrix through ATP synthase drives the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), commonly known as oxidative phosphorylation.

Graphical Representation of Mitochondrial ETC

"The ETC also known as mitochondrial electron transport chain, consists of five protein complexes integrated into the inner mitochondrial membrane known as cristae"

Question: How many ATP are generated in the electron transport chain?

Answer: A total of 32 ATP molecules are generated in electron transport during oxidative phosphorylation.


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