Interphase: Definition, Diagram, and Examples

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Interphase Definition

The stage of a cell’s life cycle during which it expands in size, duplicates its DNA, and prepares for cell division.

The cell cycle is a cyclical sequence of biological processes that some asexual cells go through in eukaryotes.

The cell cycle is characterised by a series of processes that include DNA duplication via DNA replication in preparation for cell division, in which the parent cell splits into two genetically identical daughter cells.

Cell Cycle

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The cell cycle is divided into three phases: (1) the resting phase (Gap 0), (2) the interphase (Gap 1, S phase, Gap 2), and (3) cell division (Gap 2). (i.e. the mitotic phase and cytokinesis).

Interphase Diagram

Interphase, Interphase Definition, Interphase Diagram,

The interphase is the time between cell divisions in the cell cycle.

When compared to the length of the mitotic phase, the interphase is usually longer. Interphase is characterised by the absence of cell division.

Rather, cell development and DNA replication are the focal points.

It contains three stages: Gap 1 (G1), the S phase, and Gap 2 (G2) (G2). Typically, the cell grows during the G1 phase (i.e. increases in cell size).

In the S phase, the cell duplicates its DNA.

The cell continues to grow in G2 and then prepares to divide.

Word origin: inter (between) + phase (from phasis, appearance)

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