Postdoctoral Fellowship I Children’s Tumor Foundation – Young Investigator Award

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Application are invited for the Postdoctoral Fellowship - Children’s Tumor Foundation - Young Investigator Award from the research candidates holding doctoral degree with outstanding track record and having highest research caliber and wish to pursue their research career. The major purpose of the Children’s Tumor Foundation - Young Investigator Award is allow and support highly motivated research candidates to pursue their own research dream, and to join a vibrant intellectual community of research scholars.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation - Young Investigator Award is highly competitive and awarded based on the strength of the candidate, novelty of the research proposal, and research proposal that best fit with the goals of the Children’s Tumor Foundation - Young Investigator Award.

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Summary Of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

The Young Investigator Award, initiated in 1985, is CTF’s longest running award program, and provides two-year salary support to early career NF researchers, such as senior doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers, to help them get established as independent NF investigators. Since its inception several YIAs have made groundbreaking research findings and notable publications through this program, and many have advanced to become leaders in the NF research and clinical communities. The main function of the YIA program has been to serve as a ‘seeding mechanism’ for researchers to secure larger grants, such as from the NIH and CDMRP NFRP.

Fellowship Amount:

Predoctoral awards provide a flat rate of $32,000 of stipend support for each of TWO years (total two-year budget $64,000, including 10% Indirect costs).

Postdoctoral Award Amount

Level of Training at the Time of Postdoctoral Award ActivationYear 1Year 2Year 3Total Budget
Less than 1 year$44,500$44,500$44,500$133,500
1 Year$47,000$47,000$47,000$141,000
2 Years$50,000$50,000$50,000$150,000
3 Years$52,500$52,500$52,500$157,500
4 Years$55,000$55,000$55,000$165,000
5-7 Years$58,000*$58,000*$58,000*$174,000*

*5-7 year postdoctoral awardees receive the maximum YIA amount of $­­­­­58,000 per year.

Who Can Apply?
  • A postdoctoral fellow (MD, Ph.D., or equivalent) with no more than 7 years past completion of their first doctoral degree at start of award, OR
  • A graduate student pursuing an MD, Ph.D., or equivalent degree.
How To Apply?

The YIA application process comprises two stages:

  • The first stage is submission of a letter of intent (LOI) or ‘pre-application’ outlining the proposed project and summarizing the key aims of the study.
  • Applicants will be invited to proceed to the second stage of submitting full applications

Application Deadline:


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