Synonymous: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

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Synonymous Definition

Having the same meaning as a synonym; expressing the same thing; communicating the same, or nearly same, concept. Synonymously, these phrases are made up of two assertions that are not unique in meaning, but rather one and the same thing presented in different ways; wisdom and knowledge are synonyms here.

” (Tillotson) The words are interchangeable and interchangeable. We have fewer than ten such terms in our language if no words are synonymous except those that are identical in use and meaning, such that one may always be replaced by the other.

However, the phrase more correctly implies that the terms in question are so close to one another that they may be used interchangeably in many, if not all, instances.

1. Words may therefore coincide in certain connections, and thus be interchanged, whereas they can not be interchanged in other connections. For example, we may speak of mental strength or mental force, but we speak of gravitational force (not strength).

2. Two words may differ somewhat, but this difference may be insignificant to the speaker’s purpose, allowing him to easily swap them.

For example, whether we talk about a guy having achieved his goal or having reached his goal makes little difference in most situations. For these and other reasons, we have a number of terms that may be used interchangeably in various instances or contexts, and they are referred to as synonyms.

Synonymous words “are words that, while having great and essential resemblances in meaning, also have small, minor, and partial differences, these differences being differences that were either inhered in them originally and on the basis of their etymology, or differences that have acquired in the eyes of all through usage, or differences that, though nearly latent now, are capable of receiving by the hands of intelligent and masters of the tongue in a low-key manner.

Synonyms are words that have a similar meaning in the main but differ in other ways.

” Synonyms include the terms “identical” and “interchangeable.”

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