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Online applications are invited for the multiple fully funded PhD position at University of Helsinki, Finland. University of Helsinki is one of the largest university in the world with thousands of employees, students, and research scientists are involved in the innovation of science and technology daily.

University of Helsinki has huge a campus in Finland and widely known as for its contribution in top notch education and research. The contribution of University of Helsinki is not only limited to natural sciences and engineering but it also offers high quality research as well as higher education in bio-medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, psychology, education, architecture etc.

ResearchTweet brings you with its “quick to get feature” the most updated notification with summary of PhD scholarship, last date of PhD application, and official links of PhD advertisement.

(1) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: Applications are invited for the three-year PhD position at the Finnish Museum of Natural History.

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 23.05.2021

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(2) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: The Project sets the colonial laws in two important contexts: the historical continuation that links the colonial experience to the middle ages and the early modern context of continental European empires (Sweden, Germany, Russia).

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 16.05.2021

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(3) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: The Faculty of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, invites applications for the position of a doctoral student.

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 20.05.2021

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(4) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: The appointee will work in the project “Laypersons as experts: crowdsourcing descriptions of multimodal communication for empirical research (CROWDSRC)”

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 31.05.2021

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About The University:

The University of Helsinki is an international scientific community of 40,000 students and researchers. It is one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities in Europe and ranks among the top 100 international universities in the world.


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