03 Fully Funded PhD Position at University of Agder, Norway

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Online applications are invited for the multiple fully funded PhD position at University of Agder, Norway. University of Agder is one of the largest university in the world with thousands of employees, students, and research scientists are involved in the innovation of science and technology daily.

University of Agder has huge a campus in Norway and widely known as for its contribution in top notch education and research. The contribution of University of Agder is not only limited to natural sciences and engineering but it also offers high quality research as well as higher education in bio-medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, psychology, education, architecture etc.

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(1) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: The project is motivated by the desire for a more sustainable fashion industry. It aims to build an advanced recommendation model, a digital stylist, that matches inventory data with the users’ needs.

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 10th June 2021

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(2) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: The project’s full title is: “AI4Users: Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence through Design for Accountability and Intelligibility”. The AI4Users project addresses the “black box” problem and aims at contributing to the responsible use of AI in public sector services. 

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 19th May 2021

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(3) Fully Funded PhD Position:

Summary of PhD Scholarship: PhD Research Fellow in AI and Machine learning tools for UAV communications with focus on wireless communications, navigation and emergency response

Last Date of PhD Scholarship: 18th May 2021

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About The University:

The University of Agder has more than 1400 employees and 13 000 students. This makes us one of the largest workplaces in Southern Norway.


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