Hybrid: Definition, Types, and Examples

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Hybrid Definition

In general, a hybrid is something that has a mixed origin or makeup, or is made up of two or more separate things. A hybrid is the complex generated when two complementary strands of nucleic acids combine in molecular biology.

Reproductive Biology: The offspring of a cross between parents of different species or sub-species.

Molecular Biology: A nucleic acid complex produced by connecting two complementary strands.

What is Hybrid?

A hybrid is an offspring generated by crossing the parents of two distinct species or sub-species in reproductive biology. A mule is an example of a hybrid animal. A hybrid between a horse and a donkey produces the animal. Another animal hybrid is the liger, which is the offspring of a tiger and a lion. Hybridization is quite frequent in plants, and numerous plant hybrids are created naturally or by assisted breeding. Hybridization is one of the methods used in agriculture to create crop varieties with desired characteristics (such as increased disease resistance).

Hybrid Types

• The first generation of offspring produced by a cross between purebred parents is known as a single cross hybrid.

• Double cross hybrids are the progeny of a cross between two single cross hybrids.

• A three-way cross hybrid is the result of crossing a single cross hybrid with an inbred line.

• The child of crossing two distinct three-way cross hybrids is known as a triple cross hybrid.

• Population hybrids are offspring produced by crossing plants or animals from one population with those from another. For example, a hybrid of several races.

Hybrid Etymology

The word hybrid came from the Latin words hybrida and hibrida, which mean “crossbred animal.”

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