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Are you holding Master’s degree and looking for PhD Degree – Fully Funded PhD Programs in Europe?

VIB Leuven, Belgium inviting application for funded PhD Programs or fully funded PhD Scholarship. VIB Leuven is one of the largest university in the world with thousands of employees, students, and research scientists are involved in the innovation of science and technology daily.

VIB Leuven has huge a campus in Belgium and widely known as for its contribution in top notch education and research. The contribution of VIB Leuven is not only limited to natural sciences and engineering but it also offers high quality research as well as higher education in bio-medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, psychology, education, architecture etc.

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(1) PhD Degree Programs - Fully Funded

Summary of PhD Program: Selected proteins with altered conformation will be further validated using other molecular technologies by which we hope to get more insights into protein folding diseases, amongst others. Our aim is thus to evaluate the absence or reduction of N-terminal acetylation on a proteome’s conformation.

PhD Program Deadline: July 15, 2021

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(2) PhD Degree Programs - Fully Funded

Summary of PhD Program: This project is a trans-national training network inaugurated to train Ph.D. students in investigating, building, and producing a new generation of bioinspired implantable sensors of pressure, temperature and acidity.

PhD Program Deadline: 1st October 2021

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(3) PhD Degree Programs - Fully Funded

Summary of PhD Program: We are looking for a student for a project of computational antibody design that aims to design de novo antibodies against any desired target without the need for immunization. Your role will mainly be focused on taking the predicted antibodies from the software and selecting actual binders in an experimental high throughput setup.

PhD Program Deadline: 1st Oct 2021

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(4) PhD Degree Programs - Fully Funded

Summary of PhD Program: In this bioinformatics project, the candidate will investigate this intriguing subtype starting from the largest collection of patients with FUS pathology with multiple types of omics data.

PhD Program Deadline: As soon as possible

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About The University:

Our research aims to unravel the basic biological mechanisms of neurobiology and brain disease and to pursue these novel findings to solve major medical problems. This work is defined by five forefront, multidisciplinary research lines, on which our different labs collaborate and interact.


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