Population: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

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Population Definition

Population can also be defined as the one which consist of a similar group of species in a particular habitat and who have the ability to produce offspring is called as Population. There are various termed related to population such as population size, decline, population ecology, population biology and bottleneck. Animal population study and its biological relation such as evolution, population size, growth, traits and regulation is called as Population biology.

What is Population?

The word Population originates from a Latin word “populus” which means people. There are various definition of population according to various topics and they are: in taxonomy it signifies lowest rank of taxonomy. In statistic population means a group of data from which samples are taken. In genetics, when a huge bunch of organism reside in a particular habitat, it is called as Population. Population could also mean the number of citizens residing in a place.

The interaction between the species in the population and the environment is called as Population ecology. N.A is the term denoted for the population size i.e the number of organism in a population in the Population ecology and population biology. The fall out in the number of organism is called as Population decline. Drop in the number of the organism within a population for a small amount of time is called as Bottleneck population, which is due to environmental factors. Overpopulation occurs when the number of species in a population increases more than the capacity the ecosystem or the environment could hold is Over-population.

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