Purebred: Definition, Meaning, and Examples

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Purebred Definition

• A pure breed animal is one whose ancestors on both sides were members of a recognised breed.

• Of or relating to an animal arising from a long-term cross of the same breed’s unmixed lineage.

The term “purebred” refers to offspring that are the product of genuine breeding. True breeding is a technique for producing children with the same phenotypic as their parents.

When both parents are homozygous for particular characteristics, the outcome is a purebred. The technique of selective breeding might result in a purebred domesticated animal or a companion animal.

Two dogs of the same breed, for example, would have pups with fairly predictable characteristics. However, selective breeding within the same breed would be detrimental to the gene pool.

True breeding has a tendency to narrow the gene pool. Genetic diversity is increased when there is a big gene pool. Furthermore, greater genetic variety may enhance the odds of biological fitness and, as a result, survival.

A limited gene pool, on the other hand, may result in little genetic diversity. This decreases the likelihood of acquiring beneficial characteristics that improve biological fitness.

Because of their small gene pool, purebreds are more likely to have genetic illnesses or congenital health issues.

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