Top 10 Cheapest Online Criminal Justice Programs

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What are Criminal Justice Programs?

Criminal Justice Programs are dynamic field where professionals can find exciting positions in criminology, national security, and other professions. While some professions only require a high school diploma, a college education improves essential professional skills and lays the foundation for professional development.

From leadership opportunities to learning new skills, studying criminal justice can help those interested in criminal justice or are already working in it to get a rewarding job in the field.

Online Criminal Justice Programs

For those wary of investing in four years of study, there are a number of affordable criminal justice programs available online. With the flexibility and affordability of the remote format, students are increasingly choosing to complete their criminal justice degrees online.

While cost will undoubtedly keep students motivated when choosing their school, it is important that frugal students when it comes to tuition look beyond the cheapest online criminal justice programs and look for programs that are worth the investment of time and money.

What Are the Cheapest Criminal Justice Programs?

We compiled list of top 10 universities offering cheapest Online Criminal Justice Programs*

1. University of South Florida Tampa, FL

2. California State University, Stanislaus Turlock, CA

3. Florida International University Miami, FL

4. Florida State University Tallahassee, FL

5. University of Central Florida Orlando, FL

6. California State University, San Bernardino San Bernardino, CA

7. California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, CA

8. Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, FL

9. Rutgers, State University from New Jersey New Brunswick, NJ

10. Missouri State University Springfield, MO

* The result is a list that goes beyond the cheapest online criminal justice programs and takes into account the total economic value each program offers to online criminal justice students and data could vary.

Universities Offering Cheapest Online Criminal Justice Programs

The University of South Florida’s main campus is in Tampa, and it serves over 50,000 students each year. A number of academic programmes are available, including an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice Programs. Distance learners can choose to follow an entirely online curriculum or combine the two by taking a few classes in person.

The 120-credit programme includes topics such as theories of criminal conduct and a mentored analysis of the criminal justice system. The University of South Florida requires first-year candidates to submit their ACT or SAT results. The university employs the Canvas platform to supervise its students from afar.

More than 60 academic programmes are available at California State University, Stanislaus. A combined Bachelor of Arts programme in criminal justice is available in the Bachelor Catalog, and it prepares students for professions as court administrators, lawn inspectors, and crime scene investigators.

Courses such as criminal causes, juvenile justice, and criminal procedure are included in the curriculum. In addition, students learn about police ethics and civil accountability in the context of race and ethnicity. The programme concludes in a highlight with a focus on empirical research after the students complete an internship.

Stan State’s Online Criminal Justice Programs require applicants to have a minimum of 60 transferred credits and a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for graduation. Candidates for this fast track must meet on campus one evening each week in a hybrid setting.

Miami-based Since 2000, Florida International University has provided accessible and career-focused distant learning programmes. An online crime science degree, for example, teaches students how to mix computer science and forensic techniques with classic criminology and criminal justice topics.

Courses on behavioral and social science statistics, crime and terrorism prevention, and national security are all required. Students also discuss cybersecurity topics such as the reasons of cybercrime and how ethical hacking might be used as a deterrent. A police officer training programme that allows students to acquire college credits while pursuing their dream of becoming a cop.

Autumn, spring, and summer start dates are available at FIU. Applicants must submit their ACT or SAT scores to be considered for this programme. Students who study online pay tuition dependent on where they live.

Tallahassee-based Florida State University is a comprehensive public university with more than 200 academic departments. Many remote choices are available in your catalogue, including: An online criminology degree that prepares students for careers as fraud investigators, probation officers, and corporate security specialists by teaching them investigative and analytical abilities.

Criminal Justice Administration and Victimology are two required courses. Students also learn about the social realities of black men, media representations of crime and victimhood, and violence in the United States. Authorities from the state or the federal government. ACT/SAT scores, a personal statement, and an up-to-date CV are needed of applicants for Online Criminal Justice Programs. There is no requirement for distance students to come to campus.

With more than 90 distance learning academic programmes, the University of Central Florida has long been a leader in distant learning. Students can acquire a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a bachelor’s degree in arts. Graduates are qualified for jobs as FBI agents, crime scene investigators, and correctional officers.

Courses in US crime and prosecution / jurisprudence are required. BA candidates must show competency in a foreign language equivalent to one year of college education, as well as an understanding of the importance of humane policies and procedures.

Online Criminal Justice Programs employs a thorough evaluation procedure that considers the candidate’s grade point average, ACT/SAT scores, and work experience. Canvas at UCF allows for distance learning.

Every year, over 20,000 students enrol at California State University, San Bernardino, with many of them earning their credentials online through Blackboard. Justice in Criminal Matters This programme allows students to work full-time and graduate in two years.

Compulsory studies in the Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice curriculum include criminal law and theories / institutions of the penal system. Students get practical skills in applied research and statistical analysis, as well as the opportunity to explore personal interests and aspirations through six electives, which include community corrections. cross-border organised crime, and forensic profiles

A minimum of 60 transferable credits (meeting all state-mandated general educational requirements) and a GPA of 2.7 are required of candidates. CSUSB offers a range of incentives, including institutional scholarships based on performance.

The College of Continuing Studies at California State University, Sacramento provides a number of flexible certificates and degrees. Students in the school’s fully online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice programme will attend asynchronous courses on Canvas and gain the management and communication skills needed to work in law enforcement, probation and probation systems, and courts.

Candidates must pass core courses in general investigation tactics, criminal law, and sentence execution fundamentals. You’ll also learn about research methods and how to use them in a final seminar that looks at current difficulties in the criminal justice profession.

Online Criminal Justice Programs needs an associate degree or a minimum of 60 transferable courses with a 2.0 GPA as a prerequisite for graduation. The fall and spring shooting dates are maintained by the state of Sacramento.

Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice by completing all upper division (class 60) course requirements at Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, through Canvas College. It’s a web-based programme.

Online Criminal Justice Programs cover criminal behaviour theory, juvenile justice, and the criminal process under the law. Students also look at leadership and management tactics in local, state, and federal governments. Students must complete an internship to get a Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree.

FGCU’s average freshman has a 3.87 GPA, and candidates must provide ACT or SAT scores. The university provides a variety of financial aid opportunities, including merit scholarships, tuition waivers for overseas students, and military and international personnel awards.

Rutgers is a well-known public research university with around 71,000 students enrolled each year.

A bachelor’s degree in Online Criminal Justice Programs can be completed entirely online or as part of a hybrid distance learning program.

The undergraduate degree in criminal justice covers topics such as police and society, law enforcement, crime and juvenile justice skills, and data analysis as a policy tool.

Freshmen require ACT / SAT scores and a personal essay on a specific question. Online students use Blackboard to access asynchronous classes.

Graduates can go on to earn a master’s degree or serve as US Marshals or Police Officers. Juvenile Justice and Institutional/Community Corrections are mandatory courses. Unlike many other criminal justice programmes, this one permits students to specialise in criminal investigation, terrorism and national security, or environmental law to supplement their education.

Applicants must present ACT or SAT scores that meet the minimum scale standards for their grade point average. Candidates who do not meet these requirements might take advantage of an alternative admissions process that includes an individual screening and summer enrollment.


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