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Branches of Biology

Agriculture: It is the study which deals with natural resources as well as rock.

Anatomy: It is the human body study.

Astrobiology: it is concerned with the impact on living organism of the space.

Biochemistry: It is the study of biomolecules such as carbohydrates, fats, protein, nucleic acid and etc.

Bioclimatology: it deals with the impact of climate on various organism.

Bioengineering: It is concerned with biological processes, system, analysis and designing of product.

Biogeography: it studies the pattern of ancient organism and their fossil.

Bioinformatics: It deals with biology related stored using technology, so that its widely and easily available.

Biology: It can be defined as the study of life and has various subject lying within it.

Biomathematics: This is also an interdisciplinary field, where in biology, tools and techniques of math is used.

Biophysics: It is a field of science which poses questions in biology about physical science.

Biotechnology: it deals with altering processes and products to obtain a modified product.

Botany: It deals with plants.

Cell biology: It deals with the scientific study of cells and its process.

Chronobiology: It is the study of organism related to time.

Conservation Biology: It is the study of conserving and preserving habitat, species and biodiversity.

Cryobiology: It deals with organism thriving at low temperatures are called as Cryobiology.

Development Biology: The study of formation of zygote from an organism is called as Development biology.

Ecology: The interaction between the environment and the organism is called as Ecology.

Entomology: Studying the insects is called Entomology.

Ethnobiology: It is the study of the flora and fauna of the environment.

Ethology: The scientific study of animal behavior is called as Ethology.

Evolutionary Biology: It is the study of the organism and its evolution.

Freshwater Biology: It is the study of freshwater and the organism and its habitat.

Genetics: It’s a field of biology, which deals with variations and heredity of organisms.

Geobiology: It is the combination of two fields, biology and geology, where organism and their interaction with environment is studied.

Herpetology: Studying the amphibian and reptiles is called as Herpetology.

Ichthyology: Studying the fishes is called as Ichthyology.

Immunobiology: It deals with the study of immune system is called as Immunobiology.

Mammalogy: Mammalogy is the study of animals.

Marine Biology: It deals with the study of organism present in plants and animals.

Medicine: It deals with the treatment of the disease.

Microbiology: The study of microorganism is called as Microbiology.

Molecular Biology: The study of various biomolecules such as DNA, proteins, RNA and others.

Mycology: It deals with the fungus study.

Neurobiology: The study of nervous system is termed as Neurobiology.

Ornithology: Ornithology is the study of birds.

Paleobiology: It deals with the study of ancient organisms or their fossils.

Parasitology: It deals with the scientific study of Parasites.

Pathology: Pathology deals with the effects, progress and the process of various diseases.

Pharmacology: It is the study about the drugs.

Physiology: It is the study of biotic entities and their parts and their functions.

Primatology: The study of primates is known as primatology.

Prostiology: studying protist is called as Protistology.

Psychobiology: biological process and its link with the behavior and mental functioning is called Psychobiology.

Toxicology: man-made and natural poisons study is Toxicology.

Virology: Virus study is called as Virology.

Zoology: The study of animal’s growth, identification, structure and their life is called as Zoology.


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