Fully Funded PhD in Epidemiology at Vanderbilt University

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Are you looking to take your education and career to the next level? Do you have a passion for research and a desire to make meaningful contributions to your field of study? If so, a Funded PhD programs may be the perfect choice for you.

Attention all aspiring scholars and researchers! The Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee is accepting applications for our prestigious funded PhD programs. Apply to the Vanderbilt University’s PhD program today and take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling academic career.

About Fully Funded PhD in Epidemiology

Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, provides a PhD in Epidemiology that is completely supported. Graduates of the Doctoral Program in Epidemiology will be prepared to establish an independent research portfolio in academia, research, or industry.

All students admitted to the Epidemiology PhD program receive a full tuition scholarship, stipend, health insurance, and fee coverage.

All students, both domestic and international, receive the same financial assistance. The annual stipend is $36,500.

Fully Funded PhD in Epidemiology Eligibility Criteria 

1. A Master’s degree in a quantitative discipline (preferably epidemiology or biostatistics)

2. Experience in the conduct of research and independent data analysis

3. Work or research experience that informs their content area interest

4. Strong quantitative preparation and aptitude, including high GRE scores

5. Interest in application of advanced quantitative methods within a content area

6. Orientation towards an academic career

7. Competence in an accepted analytic software package (SAS, STATA or R).

PhD Funding Coverage

All students offered admission to the doctoral program in Epidemiology receive a full tuition scholarship, stipend, health insurance and coverage of fees.

All students, both domestic and foreign, receive the same financial support. The 2023-2024 stipend rate is $36,500 annually.

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PhD Funding Application Details

The following requirements apply to applications for most programs in the Graduate School. For program-specific questions or additional requirements, please directly contact your program of interest.

  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • Language Proficiency Exam (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation

Application Deadline

The Epidemiology PhD program application deadline is December 31.

PhD Career: What are the Career Option?

How to Apply Funded PhD Program?

Applications are submitted through Vanderbilt University’s Graduate School admission portal. The application can be found under the “Biomedical and Biological Sciences” area of study: The program is listed as “Epidemiology”.

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