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Embalming, What is Embalming,

Embalming: Definition, Types, & Examples

Table of Contents Embalming Definition Embalming is an ancestral practice that employs chemicals to inhabit the decomposition of human remains to preserve them for social rites or educational purposes. It has 3 goals and preserves the entire physical body. These goals include: Sanitization: The body is thoroughly cleaned by utilizing


Dimetrodon: Description, Habitat, & Facts

Table of Contents Dimetrodon Dimetrodon is a early mammal-like reptile belongs to the genus Dimetrodon and Order Pelycosauria that lived 280-260 mya in the Permian period. These predatory carnivores were earlier grouped with dinosaurs due to their resemblance with them, but they are more closely related to mammals and they


Peacock: Description, Habitat, & Facts

Table of Contents Peacock Peacock is an omnivorous polygamous bird belongs to the genus Pavo and Afropavo and order Galliformes. This ground-dwelling bird belongs to the same family as pheasants that is Phasianidae. These semi-domestic birds exhibit characteristic fan-like colorful plumage. Out of the 3 species, 2 are native to