Top 6 Smartest Birds: Everything You Need To Know

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Top 6 Smartest Birds in the Worlds

Smartest Birds in the Worlds

Owning a pet is a major decision since it entails a huge responsibility and dedication. A major consideration when getting a pet is how well it will fit into your lifestyle, since some creatures will fit in wonderfully while others will not.

Cats or dogs are the most frequent pets for most households, but some families may opt to go in a different way. Although they have allergic family members to fur, or their living arrangement would be unsuitable for furballs running about, or they may not have the time to care for a cat or dog.

Birds are a popular replacement for traditional cat or dog as pets since they do not require as much room and do not require as much time to exercise. While birds have a terrible reputation for being stupid, they are actually incredibly bright animals.

Here are six of the brightest bird breeds considered to be terrific pets, and with a little training and dedication, you might get them to do feats in no time.

Top 6 Smartest Bird Species

1. Macaws


Macaws are another species of parrot recognized for their vibrant colors and intellect, making them excellent companions if you decide to go the parrot way! Macaws are emotionally sophisticated birds who like conversing with humans and other birds.

They are reported to have the intelligence of a child, can learn a range of language, and also have some problem-solving abilities. Be prepared to make a long-term commitment if you decide to acquire a macaw. A macaw’s life expectancy is estimated to be 40-50 years, with some living up to 70 years.

Even though they can be violent, they are typically kind and affectionate parrots that demand a lot of emotional and cognitive stimulation.

2. Cockatoos


The cockatoo, yet another parrot, is a very clever bird. In contrast to the preceding parrots, which were verbally and emotionally intelligent, cockatoos are distinguished by its physical and spatial knowledge.

They are well-known for their dexterity and are well-known for trying to escape its cages by selecting the locks or just destroying it in order to find a way out. They adore tearing things apart, so it’s a good idea to give your cockatoo toys or materials like pieces of wood to play with when they’re in their cages.

These parrots, like macaws, demand long-term commitment because they may live for 50-70 years. They are incredibly clever and prefer singing over talking. They can learn to speak and are highly entertaining birds, drawing people’s attention with their pranks and jokes.

Because cockatoos are very sensitive, they must be lavished with care and affection. It should never be problematic because they are very loving and like connecting.

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3. African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot

The majority of the species on this list of the intelligent birds are parrots, with the African Grey Parrot at the top. The African Grey Parrot is regarded as a genius among all birds, according to several study and studies. This parrot is believed to have the IQ of a 5–7-year-old toddler and a repertoire of up to 100 words.

Despite their social awkwardness, these brilliant parrots are reputed to be “vocally clever.” They can not only imitate, but they can also ultimately grasp the words and talk in phrases, implying that they are thinking about what they’ve been going to say.

They may also communicate with their owners by asking them questions and expressing their emotions. These birds may live for up to 50 years, so with just enough attention and affection, you could hear your African Grey Parrot say the heartfelt words “I love you.”

4. Budgerigars


Budgerigars, a tiny type of parrot, are a perfect example of the adage “size does not matter” when it comes to intellect. Budgerigars, or “budgies” for short, are both small and extremely intelligent!

They have the brains of a 2-year-old child crammed into their adorable tiny bodies. They are quite gregarious and enjoy talking and singing; according to some studies, they might have a repertoire of up to 800 words.

Because of their small size, their lifetime is not as lengthy as that of larger parrots, which may live for up to ten years. Budgies, as curious tiny birds, are just like sponges which absorb all the knowledge in their environment, from speech to the buzzing of a phone to the blaring of horns.

5. Finches and Canaries


Finches and canaries have been the only birds that just aren’t parrots and pertain to the order of birds known as passerines. They are calm and do not demand much attention, yet they are recognized for being funny and cunning.

They are also noted for being melodious, and they frequently demonstrate their vocal talent even when no one is looking. They do not converse and are mainly hands-off birds, mostly engaging with other birds since they do not pertain to the parrot species.

Because they may be territorial, it is crucial not to overcrowd their cages. They may survive for up to ten years, and if you want a low-maintenance companion that is also amusing to care for, a pair of finches and canaries may be ideal.

6. Conures


Conures, another kind of tiny parrot, can be somewhat bigger than budgies and are incredibly clever. Conures, which come in a variety of sizes, are good problem solvers. While owning a conure, keep in mind that these birds want companionship and might get lonely.

Ensure that they are constantly socially and mentally stimulated by humans, partner birds, toys, or even all three. They may live up to 15-20 years and are slightly bigger than budgies. These birds are small, but they are clever and stunning with their characteristic red and green plumes.

Take Away Message

Despite their reputation for being dumb, birds are among the brightest creatures on the planet and make excellent pets. When searching for a pet, it’s crucial to know what you’re looking for, and birds might be a nice alternative to the typical cat or dog.

Even though the birds listed come in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as intellectual capacity, at the conclusion of the day, it’s really the love and attention you offer these birds, as well as the bond you build with them, that makes them special.

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